Monday, June 8, 2009

How I First Became a Coffee Lover

Well, it all started a couple years ago when I was best friends with Steffanie Maher. We used to walk to STOP-N-GO and buy some cheap cappuccino. I favored the French Vanilla, and would sip at it sparingly as we walked back to her house. Once there, I would typically put it in her fridge and leave it there. Then after watching a movie or two, Steff would fall asleep, I would step silently over to the fridge, grab my now cold beverage, turn on her Mac laptop, and stay up for hours. Ah, it was so refreshing; I connect good feelings to cappuccino still. I remember one particular night in January, I was reading a story online or posting to my livejournal, when I looked out the glass patio door to my left. The sky was a dim navy (Think 5am in January) and there was snow piled up a foot high on their patio including on its table and separate chairs. It was so serene, and I just paused to take in how beautiful it was. Before anyone had walked out and broken into the perfectly smooth blanket of snow. I took another drink of my cool cappuccino (which by the way tastes much better than hot cappuccino and won't disable your taste buds) and went back to my reading.
Around that time, I also tried some drinks at Perc Place, and Katie (my oldest sista) would offer me coffee around the house. Of course, I took the coffee Katie offered me because hey, I wanted to have something in common with her. Well, the caffeine hooked me. I loved that freshly brewed coffee smell, and the feeling of being more like my sister [you know, "cooler"]. Soon enough, I became a coffee devotee. I bought coffee and cappuccino from the local grocery store, drank it occasionally with my grandma, and soon I was the one trying to convince younger siblings to try coffee.
After I got my braces off, I became more conservative in my coffee habits ("I don't want to stain my teeth!"), and drank it less and less often. Now, I think I've got it to a good balance (somewhat...) and even if I'm not enjoying a daily cup of cardboard (haha, Lilly), I still enjoy a mug now and then.


Lilly Anne said...

I was reading a little fast and at first I thought you said you were best friends with Stephenie Meyer and then I did a double take and laughed at myself and read on. You enjoy that cup of cardboard my dear little shnickerdoodle!

Katie Marie said...

Aww... you think I'm cool? *giant hug*!!!
And yes... coffee is amazing!

uǝɹnɐl ʎɯɐ said...


Heidi Rose said...

I know! I come on to see if anyone has put up any new posts and then don't put up anything new myself. AH! MUST BREAK HABIT!