Sunday, September 26, 2010

National Punctuation Day (September 24th)

Don't you just hate it when you're sitting, enjoying a nice drink and then

So, as heard from Doug Savage, last Friday was National Punctuation Day. I'm not really sure how one would celebrate such a day, so here's my (late) shot at it: sharing with you a haiku I found. :)
Exclamation points
And question marks together?

Only in comics.

Have a good week. :)
post script: as an afterthought, here is a link
to a thought provoking series of illustrations.
It only takes a minute to read, and it's definitely interesting.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Traditional First Day of School Picture

It's weird to think I've already been in college for 3 and 1/2 weeks! Inspired by Amy's post, I decided to show you the picture I took of myself before my very first college class (Statistics, 8am).

p.s. I miss Amy because she is in MN this weekend. Amy, if you're reading this, I hope you're having fun!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rich Came to Madison

Squeaky cheese curds!

Extremely fresh spicy cheese bread from the Farmer's Market

Gelato at Paciugo (Pach-YOO-go)

dinner at Jacs on Monroe

Breakfast NOM NOM NOM


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Wow! I really haven't posted for a while!"

to celebrate Rupert Grint's birthday, here's a picture of my lunch. What? You don't think that's celebratory enough?

Seems from the date on my last post that I've really taken my sweet time to update my blog, and oh, it has been sweet. So, yeah! I started college! Whoo! Thus far I'm lovin' it. I hear a lot of people say that dorm life is an experience to be had so that you appreciate what comes after it (apparently all the people I hang around with hate living in small rooms and having to walk down the hall to shower and use the toilet-WEIRD); but here's my opinion: BIG IMPROVEMENT.

Things that are better at Edgewood than at Home:
-water pressure
-water that gets more than 'really warm'
-no iron in said water, and branching off of that...
-I no longer have to be afraid to wash my clothes (especially whites)

Non-water related things that are better:
-consistent food source (I have seriously been taking less food than I normal and I am still STUFFED- Three meals a day? YES, FOR REAL! ACTUAL MEALS!)
-proximity to Katie and Amy
-new people (now that I'm making new friends, I have been steadily hiding 90% of the Hartford people from my facebook news feed)
-I've been hearing exponentially less about you-know-what (at least Kelly and Lilly do)
-awesome new bed in a room with actual fans (so long, stuffy Hartford bedroom!)
-Edgewood gave me ETD protection for my computer (so it doesn't get pregnant with spam and viruses)
-cool new stuff (thanks go out to anyone who contributed to making my new room so awesome)

Pictures of my cool new stuff are forthcoming- just thought I'd do a little something to keep interwebs and virtual dust from forming on my blog. :)
little note for Kelly and Lilly: I miss you guys (you will appear later in the list of things that are better about home), and I am sorry that you guys still have to eat whenever you can find food and have a slow computer that keeps needing virus-abortions.
I can't wait until I have a webcam and can watch =3 episodes while simultaneously watching your expression as you watch it in Hartford at the same time.
What, you're not looking forward to that?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

As I was cleaning my room today...

I found a bit of paper that had been ripped off a math worksheet, which I had written something on. I thought I would share it with you:

This is my packet. I eat paper and slap people with fishes. The sun goes up and the moon comes down. My sister is named Alba and she is not related to me. She spits lava onto cars to clean them. Those are the cleanest cars I've ever seen! Alba is french and she likes to tondre le gazon. I don't know why, but it makes her really happy. (When Alba is happy, she sweats a lot- weird). Teri is my dog. She flys south every winter, and it is always winter here, so I never see her. This makes me nervous. I cry when the cats howl at the rising tide; it's so sad - like they fear for death.


When my husband died, I swore I would never eat cheese again. But now, if I even see cheese; I break out in hives. I eat it with my eyes closed. My husband is in heaven, so I don't think he minds.

Yesterday and Today

Since yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the beach and tanning my right shoulder, (and saying hi to someone I know in Madison), I decided that today I ought to get some real work done.

And since this morning I actually had the AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to clean Kiwi's litter (you have no idea how many things can put this activity off- I can't empty the litter outside because I'll let mosquitoes in, my dad's home and he hates the smell of it, etc.), that's what I did.

In fact, I cleaned his whole corner (before pictures are too disturbing)!
Now it's time for a cup of coffee, and maybe I'll get on to cleaning under the couch or organizing my desk drawer (all part of my plan to clean my room out completely before I go off to Hogwarts).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Different ways to say 'I don't think so.'


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

While Kelly is away, Heidi and Lilly will play...**

Inspired by this article on Office Snack Gourmet, I decided that what I've long been looking at in my kitchen as a bunch of random food stuffs (none of which I would eat alone) can be combined together to make something wonderful AND edible! I just needed to use my brain!

SO! Take three packets of ramen... a bottle of ketchup... a can of condensed mushroom soup... a bag a frozen brocolli... some blue Hawaiian Punch... a little salt, and a lot of water...

Oh, and let's not forget Heidi and Lilly... and you get: a feast!

"To creativity: the founder of the feast!"

*This is also a prime example of why you should always grab extra chopsticks whenever you go out to a noodle/chinese restaurant. No clean utensils, no problem!
**and it just so happens that I would have made extra, but Kelly was already at her friend's house when I started cooking. Another fun time that she's missed.

Dear Kelly: if you want to have fun with me, come over to me and suggest things. You need to insist on being included- I would love to have more pictures of you on my blog! Love, Heidi

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gifts from Grandma

original photo of instant coffee, creamer, cappuccino, and my new beverage keeper-warmer

I have the best Grandma EVER.
(and I didn't even include in the photo the multiple puzzles she has cut out of newspapers for me just 'cause I told her I liked them)

Friday, July 23, 2010