Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another New Beginning

{notes and pictures to do with my
AWESOME birthday are yet to come at a later time -
think in the next few days}

In this post, I would most like to address the new year I have ahead of me. Today is the first day of my 18th year, and in one year when I celebrate my 18th birthday, I will have boarded a completely new ship, and set sail on the next section of my life: leaving home and high school for college and adulthood. So exciting. ;^)
With that most serious stuff out of the way, we reach my point (yes! we're there already!):
Naming my goals and making my 18 New Things List.

So which should we start with?
Aalll-righty then!

Bars to Reach in The Coming Year:
-Achieving As in all of my classes, every quarter. (I know I can do it!)
-Staying up to date with both the blogs I contribute to (even if I don't get to them until the evenings)
-Turn in NO LATE WORK (This will certainly be tough, see below)
-Overcome my procrastination issues (true these two goals go together, but I mean this is a HUGE problem of mine)
-(Let's shoot for five, hey?) Become better friends with my viola (It is scandalous how little I so much as look at my viola outside of the classroom)

And now (because I won't be busy enough):

18 New Things:

1. Invent a frame able to display two sides of a document (for those two-sided drawings my sister Kelly makes me)
2. Spend an entire day at Barnes&Noble (drink Starbucks and be merry)
3. Attend a sunrise
4. Use a seemingly useless item
5. Have five people blow bubbles into the sunset
6. Do the splits (both ways)
7. Make spaghetti with meatballs (we NEVER have meatballs in our spaghetti for some reason...)
8. Read the House of Night series (see what the big deal is)
9. Get to know someone new
10. Pull an elaborate prank
11. Volunteer somewhere
12. Throw a party (even if only sisters are invited)
13. Try Sushi
14. Cry over a book (I haven't done this in a long time- so it's not new, but I think that's okay)
15. Solve that freaking puzzle book
16. Learn to play a beautiful song on the piano
17. Make a dessert with starfruit (which I've never tasted before)
18. Ask my grandparents about their lives


Michelle said...

Happy birthday! And way to go for playing viola, that's what I played in middle school and high school too! Not enough people play it, but those of us who do are special!

Kelly Renee said...

There's actually nothing big about the House of Night series. It's just a bunch of books written poorly as if by a hormonal teen about vampires going to a school. So it's almost like Harry Potter. Except not at all.

Last time you cried during a book was Breaking Dawn. Ha ha ha.

Hey, last night did you cry during The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at all? Or even the first time? I was crying a lot. I love that movie.

By the way, there's no end to that puzzles book. *slowly smiles creepily*

Amy Lauren said...

I want to do #2,3,5,10,13 & 18 with you!!

Lol on saturday I actually blew bubbles outside with someone :) it was so fun!

Lilly Anne said...

That sounds like great ideas! Good luck trying to figure out Maze! I'll blow bubbles with you!

Kim and Roxanne said...

Those are really good ideas! I like the one about asking your grandparents about their lives. That would be really interesting