Monday, October 26, 2009

On Me

*inspired by Janice's post
My name is Heidi. I have only gotten happier as I've gotten older (I used to be a real crab). I'm so glad that I've become mature enough to stop taking life so seriously. (I love Futurama, by the way... even though I don't watch tv much)

I love food. I love to cook meals for the people I love.

I want to learn how to dance well-I admire the grace and control it takes. But for now, it's just silly "Heidi dancing" in my living room.

I'm an artist, but I prefer writing.

I like to work on my own, and I try to do things the best I can, the first time.

That means I naturally take things slower than everyone else. (which is usually a good thing, just not on the ACT)

I'm a dreamer, and I believe everyone has good in them.

I love my silly family- especially my sisters.

I believe natural beauty is better than any other kind.
I love trying new things and making new friends.

I'm silly, and spontaneous. I'm confident in who I am.

That's me.


alissa said...

so fun to find out more about you! that photo of the bubble bursting is crazy - talk about good timing.

ive only seen futurama a few times but i always love it! i should really check it out more

Lilly Anne said...

Hee hee hee ^^

Amy Lauren said...


Janice said...

hehe lovely post
thank you for your love comments!
in reply, i don't like being a perfectionist because it takes me so much time and effort to do things, and i always get so frustrated if things don't work the way i want it to
like if i'm drawing and i make one mistake, i have to start all over
it's so bad :(

Rhianne said...

lovely post - I love cooking for the people I love too

thislovelycity said...

Love this list about you! And the photos you chose are beautiful!