Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The surface of

a cup of coffee is

the night sky

each bitty bubble

a creamy cluster

of stars

There is an

entire system

of stars

in my coffee cup!

I blow it around

the pressure of my breath

makes a


sending my bulbous stars

across a robust

and flavorful universe.

-Heidi Rose Krill

This is one of 25 poems I wrote for my second-quarter creative writing portfolio. I hope you like it.

*An original poem written while I was drinking coffee and watching **Julie&Julia

**A very good movie I do recommend to everyone. :)


Katie Marie said...

Nice poem! Makes me want coffee.

DT said...

Nice poem.. Love this line "There is an entire system of stars in my coffee cup!" I am looking forward to see this movie soon.

DT said...

i am glad you liked my header. I made it just few days back...

Brigitte said...

cute poem!
we're also recommended to put written material in our portfolio. I only have one poem, though.

I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of Meryl & Amy. It's so great to finally have them act together!! I can't wait to watch it. (:

Michelle said...

This is so great!

I adore Julie & Julia, btw!

Lilly Anne said...

Great poem! I really wanted to see that movie...

Jennifer said...

Wrote a review on that movie, I love it, too. :) Watched it again the other night. :D