Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things Which Make Me Happy

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their good humor over my last post, which was - admittedly - slightly horrible. :) TODAY will be dedicated to pure goodness! So here is my list:

1. As I have just stated, my readers make me happy! Thank you so very much for reading. You have no idea how much blogging cheers me up- including reading all those blogs I follow.. :D

2. Chow Chows!! (hence the picture) Among my list of life goals (get married, attend and graduate college, etc.) is Own a Chow Chow. I will have fun with it every day and every time I look at it's fluffy face, I will be a little bit happier.

3. Cheese! Being from Wisconsin, it would be completely unheard of for me to dislike cheese, but I would say I love it excessively. So tasty. Cheese can make nearly any food (of course, desserts are omitted- though cream cheese adds so nicely to some...) taste better.

4. Movies. I love movies. And I love going to the movie theatre. Something needs to really be upsetting me if a trip to the movies does not help my mood.

5. Photography. I am a total shutterbug like everyone else in my family. I fully appreciate a beautiful picture. A good picture has the ability to completely cheer me up, motivate me, inspire me, or move me.


sarah j. storer said...

Heidi! Thanks for stopping by my blog a giving me your much needed advice. I hope you'll feel free to stop by anytime! :)

-The Naked Redhead

DT said...

i too love movies and photography!
n of course my blog and readers :o)

Nath said...

photography, cheese obsession and blogging - these 3 things we have in common, girl! :)

xoxo, nath

Amy Lauren said...

I WILL get a chow chow too!! Eventually..

you should try brown sugar & cheese melted over apple slices. surprisingly delicious!

Heidi Rose said...

Interesting that you should say that, because slices of apple pie used to traditionally be served with a slice of cheddar cheese.