Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend

My boyfriend is finally done with his job as a camp counselor, so I went with him and his family to Milwaukee's Irish Fest (which I highly recommend to everyone, Irish or not) both Saturday and Sunday. Since I can hardly recap all the fun here-I'll just give the highlights:

Good Music {I didn't get any pictures of the REAL performances (i.e. Gaelic Storm, Red Hot Chili Pipers), but this parade had some nice bagpipes and I loved the picture on the drums}

Good Food {This eggplant is nothing compared to the other food; Irish Nachos (fresh chips covered by cheese, onion, and bacon pieces), Reuben Rolls (think a reuben sandwich just in a wanton roll), and Turkey Leg (huge leg cooked to perfect mouthwatering excellence)}

And plenty of Irish culture (and shopping). Everywhere you went on the grounds you were sure to see shamrocks, harps, and Celtic knots. Not only were the people friendly, but they had plenty of knowledge on Irish history and interesting facts. {This picture shows my "lucky stone"- made of Connemara marble, which is the traditional gift between Irish families who vow friendship through generations. I also bought a worry stone which is concave and smooth for rubbing, but I gave that to my boyfriend}

But my favorite part was probably the Dance Pavilion, where they had set and ceili dancing. {This is Rich and I after learning three different dances- pretty sweaty thanks to the added bonus of lovely warm weather}
NOT PICTURED HERE: The beautiful Trinity Knot necklace Rich bought me, my Gaelic Storm glow stick (for their 10 year anniversary at Irish fest), my "I'm not Irish but kiss me anyway!" button, or (unfortunately) any of the really awesome stuff like Gaelic Storm or the fireworks on Sunday night. Well, there's always next year!
SO! What did you do over the weekend?

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Amy Lauren said...


I would like to try some of those Reuben rolls & possibly some of the eggplant! nom nom nom!