Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have been having dreams lately where I am Bella (this is different as I am usually always myself in dreams, even if I am dreaming about a story I read) and I am in love with Edward. Don't laugh. It's been - strange. I haven't been living through the story from the books though. I've been going through different stories. In the first one, Edward thinks I've died and he loses himself. At one point I am bent down in terror in a row of other people and Edward is killing some of us. He doesn't recognize me (which I thought at the time was strange, because wouldn't he smell me? But I guess if he was convinced I was dead, he would think his body were just tricking him). In the end, he realizes I am still alive and you know how it goes in New Moon.

Wow. I am a sucker for romance.


Lilly Anne said...

That you are Heidi, that you are.

In a god way ;)

Lilly Anne said...

not 'god', it's 'good'.

Katie Marie said...

I like your dreams. Mine are always boring, like... doing laundry, or going to work, or having trouble putting in my contacts. Or choking. (hahahaha, j/k about that last one)

uǝɹnɐl ʎɯɐ said...

I've been having bizarre dreams all summer! I should start blogging them right after I wake up, they are always action-packed & entertaining. haha