Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Again Have Faith in the Human Race

So, spurred by my new realization that I will never have an awesomely fit physique without real effort, and by those stupid "Best Celebrity Beach Bodies" shows on VH1, I went to, looked up a workout, and stepped out the door. Walky to warm up, and then joggy, joggy, joggy.
(Not nearly as fabulously as the person pictured above, and in fact I was jogging on the side of a road)

Well, I was about 20minutes into my jog, when like a clumsy fool, my ankle [I'm actually sure my ankle's thought process was this: "Wow, this is boring. I wish it would stop. Time to mix things up!"] bent in the wrong direction and I fell to the gavel-ly roadside. My ankle was in super pain. So I removed my shoe, sat down on the ground, and held my foot in the least painful position until I felt good enough to test out it's walking abilities. Mind you, I was quite a walk from my house, and that would have been a long hobble home.
Lo and behold, while I am sitting on the roadside looking like a weirdo, the second car to pass me stops and backs up.

"Are you okay?" a girl's voice called from the driver's seat.
I replied something like, yeah, I just fell and hurt my ankle.
"Are you sure? Do you want a ride?"
Umm... yes.

I was pretty embarrassed, and very grateful to this girl, who out of pure goodness decided to stop and see if the random person sitting on the side of the road and holding her knee was alright. When I got in the car, she said she didn't have any napkins. I thought, 'Um.. I guess you didn't hear me say I hurt my ankle? It's not really an open wound.' When we got under some streetlights, however, multiple things happened at once: I put my hand on my knee, looked down, and felt something wet. My knee was bleeding and I hadn't even noticed. (Don't worry guys, just an abrasion)

And so she dropped me off at the house, and told me she hopes my knees gets better.

So here is a huge thank you to Becky, a junior who was going home from Golf practice, when she noticed I might be hurt, and stopped to help. When I can drive, and if I see someone who might need help, I will stop to ask them. :)


Amy Lauren said...

HEIDI! you aren't supposed to get in the car with a stranger no matter how much candy they offer you!!!

That was nice of her to stop!

DT said...

that's really nice of her, but still be careful while taking help!

Heidi Rose said...

Thanks guys. And don't worry, I'm pretty confident in my ability to recognize creepers, and I mean, com'mon, she was younger than me.

Normally, I would have assured her that I was fine and could get home myself but I was on the road between the movie theatre and the middle school, and I didn't think I would be able to walk home with my ankle.