Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today is the Day

photo source

I have been waiting to use this picture, and today is the day.
The day when I am thankful for Katie (I forgot how nice it is to have her around), Lilly's sunny personality (it makes me smile so big), and things that are so funny, I'm still laughing about it hours later.

Case in point:


thislovelycity said...

We all have those days! Oh man, what a video! hehe xo.

Kelly Renee said...

What about "...and Kelly's hilarious little side comments."?

By the way, where on earth did you find that video? Were you just on Youtube looking for something funny and ridiculous to put post here?

(I LIKE the song by the way. It's nice. La la la me...tender...

Heidi Rose said...

Another blog (Oh Mishka) recently had it up, and I swiped it. Heehee.

Katie Marie said...

Awww, I like being around you girls too! :)

That is the best music video ever, but only because it is so awful. haha