Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the Routine Settles in Like Fog...

Hey guys! Things are pretty normal around here... I've already developed a new routine:

6:00am- Woken up by Moma, fall back asleep, fail to remember later
6:30am- Wake up for real, go downstairs, don't shower if I can get away with it, and prepare for school while all the while staring off into the distance in a half-sleeping manner
7:22am- Run into the school so as to make the 25-after bell
7:25am- School coma sets-in
8:20am- While sitting in Math class, dig into my lunch bag for a couple chips
10:50am- Meet Kelly in the Choir room to go to really-early-lunch time (chips, sandwich, and dessert)
12:02pm- Talk about literature in AP Lit class
12:55pm- Slip back into school coma
2:40pm- Find Kelly
2:42pm- Leave the school with Kelly (who usually likes to stand in the sun, instead of under the shade) and look for an approaching Little Blue
~3:00pm- Walk into the house, over to my computer, and turn on my game: 2Moons
3:30pm- finish up killing monsters or fishing, and attempt to call Rich who does not answer because he's in class (but I want to talk to him anyway)

Exciting, huh? I want to just put my routine in a glass jar and shake it up! Soooooo boring!
Any suggestions for spicing up my life?


Kelly Renee said...

Draw more. Be more artsy. Start new projects.

Katie Marie said...

Quit school, move to France, and open a coffee shop!

Ohhh, except then I'd miss you :(

Amy Lauren said...

Katie's idea, but bring me!

haha little blue.

it's cute that you and kelly get to have lunch together! it makes me happy :)