Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have you ever thought...

about how weird sleeping is? How we regularly lie down and lose consciousness only to regain it hours later? And then we just get up and after a while we do it again! And it is so normal... everyone does it. In fact, we are born knowing how to do it. And the whole "sleeping" part is weird in itself. Sometimes your mind stays active, thinking about things, even if those things are warped and seemingly make little sense. But then there are times when we don't dream at all. It's so STRANGE! I imagine (and no one could really KNOW) that being dead is kind of like this. You stop thinking. Everything is black. All is peaceful. And you can't be upset or confused because there are no emotions. And you can't wonder where you are. You don't even realize where you are because you can't think about it.
I haven't actually read the book of revelations, so what follows is based solely on hearsay. I guess that no one is actually IN heaven right after they die. They are more like... sleeping a dreamless sleep. A really peaceful one. And no one is going to heaven until the day of Judgement. When I guess Jesus comes to earth again? And THEN all the sleeping spirits get up and (the good ones) go to heaven. The bad ones go to the principal. For ETERNITY. And everyone who is still alive are split up in the same way, and their spirits go to their assigned fates.
And in heaven there are gardens of unimaginable beauty and no one is sad or unhappy in any way. And Jesus gives us all a big hug.

Something like that.

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