Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Need Your Help!

I've begun working on my 18 Things to Do Before I Turn 18 List, and plan to have each thing done by August 31! That gives me about six months (the first six were spent dilly-dallying and generally not crossing things off lists)- and I need your help! Specifically, I could use some suggestions for books that jerk some tears. I've watched quite a few sad movies, but I feel like reading a book-turned-sad-movie (I'm looking at you, Nights in Rodanthe) would be cheating. For extra credit, I could also use a good recipe involving starfruit...

If you're more of the deal-making and trading type, I will trade you a heart-wrenching book recommendation for this list of very sad (in the emotional sense) movies:

Best Sad Movies From Least to Most Tears

6) Dear Frankie - I'm pretty sure I loved this movie mostly because it takes place in Ireland, but it is definitely a touching story, even if I don't remember the part where I cried...
5) Marley and Me - 5+4 are basically tied- this one made me sob, but Kelly says it didn't get her at all. Sometimes, it depends. Just know, I wasn't the only one crying at this one.
4) Love Happens - The part I'm referring to is brief, but man did it give me a good cry.
3) Click - Say what you will, even thought Adam Sandler is a comedian, this one had me and my sisters crying little rivers.
2) Nights in Rodanthe - The acting is really great, and the story of two strangers is enchanting
1) Million Dollar Baby - I watched this movie years ago, and I still remember it so well. It is a fantastic movie, and Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank are great.

Most Emotional Beginnings to Movies EVER

1) Star Trek - If I told you any more, I'd spoil it!
2) UP
Remember to leave a recommendation!
Happy Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) everyone! Today I am thankful for food in French class, Lindt chocolates, my baking abilities (that lumpy chocolate pie wasn't so lumpy after all!), and really unique/great songs like this. :)


Kelly Renee said...

I should make a list of movies that made me cry. Ahaha.

Starfruit. Mmm. Sounds good. Reminds me of pineapple.

Kelly Renee said...

Oh my gosh, Heidi. XD

Katie Marie said...

Ugh, I totally cried during "UP." Such a good movie though.

In general, if you want to cry, it must involve cute old people losing a loved one, dying, getting sick, or getting lost. Just sayin'...

Emily G. said...

I was crying so hard in Nights of Rodanthe. And just reading Star Trek on the list made me let out a sad little whimper. )':

I cannot for the life of me think of a time I cried during a book. I've read sad books. Just never any heart wrenching ones. As for the starfruit, I am at a loss. ^^;

sarah j. said...

K, here are a few of my recommendations:

"A Prayer for Owen Meany" by Jon Irving--I sobbed, SOBBED at the end of this one. Technically, it was adapted into a movie ("Simon Birch", I think), but the movie is TERRIBLE. Do not watch it, but please, please read the book. Such goodness.

"Two Part Invention: the Story of a Marriage" by Madelein L'Engle--If you've ever cried over a fictional romance, then you'll bawl over this real life one. Seriously, I had snot running down my face.

"What is the What" by Dave Eggers--Not only will you cry, but you'll appreciate the amount of suffering humans can go through and still survive.

Good luck!

-The Naked Redhead

Amy Lauren said...

I was going to say the movie Click before I even saw it on your list! That's the only movie I can remember actually crying too (as opposed to the tear-jerking but dry up before escaping your eyes movies haha)

I'll let you know if I think of a book..hmm

Amy Lauren said...

PS what katie said is SO true. Anything with old people. Oh, PS I thought of a book you should read: Water For Elephants. I feel like if you read books hoping to shed a tear it just won't happen. But I recommend this book all the same. I think I even left it at home for you girls.

Amy Lauren said...

PS again. for "1. Invent a frame able to display two sides of a document (for those two-sided drawings my sister Kelly makes me)"

I feel like it should have some kind of mirror set-up that can reflect the back of the picture onto another surface so you can display and see both sides. :) if you get what I mean.