Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things Which Seriously Bother Me

>The phrase "pet peeve". Peeve is just a gross word. Hence my alternative post title.
>Houses with garages visibly larger than the actually house part.
>People who contradict themselves depending on their mood. You know who I'm talking about.
>Car horns. In my opinion should not be used for anything but emergencies. I'm sure they were either invented by someone emergency-conscious or a complete asshole.
>People who ask a question more than once because they didn't get the answer they wanted the first time. Like they pretend they didn't hear you answer their question the first time. Hello people, my answer is not going to be different the second time!
>People who do not eat all the food on their plates. If you're not going to eat it all, do not take so much or save it for later, don't just leave it. Movies in which people order food and then leave the restaurant without eating it seriously bother me. WHO DOES THAT?! NO ONE DOES THAT!
>People who keep things which they have not looked at or used in multiple years and do not plan on doing so.
>Reality TV shows with super vivid colors, swearing, drama, and flashing quickly between several shots. Breeding grounds for attention defecit problems, skewed perception of reality, and headaches.
>Parents who do not discipline their children.
>Smokers. If I pass one, I automatically hold my breath until I am able to breath untainted air again.
>People who respond to anything you say with a statement about themselves.
>Kiss-ups. It's okay if you do someone favors once in a while, but don't become their best-friend/slave and say they're the devil behind their backs.
>When good shows go off air because the masses prefer reality TV smut.
>People who out of bitterness from their jobs are rude to customers. Generally, it is not the customers' fault. (ex. Public libraries)
>People who say everything like with a condesending tone even when they are completely wrong.
>People who only talk to other people to make a point of how smart they are.

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Lilly Anne said...

I like when you said 'public libraries'. So true. I pretty much agree with everything on this list.