Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: The Party Leading Up to It and Resolutions to Follow

Last night, my sister (the one who posts on IB!! with me - yes, that one) put up a funny tweet that pretty much sums up my New Year's Eve:
"Typical Krill holiday - Heidi in the kitchen, girls waiting for food, Mom napping, Dad video taping everyone & being ridiculous. Oh family..."
The food was delicious, the company was even better (non-tastewise of course), and the Wii boxing was intense. Amy made my Mii do a little flip onto it's poor huge head. Good thing I made it with a smile on its face.

The countdown was a bit anti-climactic, however. We turned on the tv just in time to see all of New York liplocked. Thrown through a loop (we MISSED the COUNTDOWN?!), we laughed awkwardly and focused our attention on Lola, saying her name, giving her kisses, and generally petting her fur off. It happens that we were very well prepared for the festivities (5 liters of soda, 3 bottles of sparkling juice, 1 ring of shrimp, 2 bags of tortilla chips, a whole lot of dip, 24 cheesecups, etc.), but among the few things we forgot was confetti (NO CONFETTI!?!?). Thinking back, we did have a lot of VHS tapes we could have... but that would have been a little hard coming down..
During which we all commenced to beat up my uncle.

Last year, S and O asked me if I had any New Year Resolutions.
Aaannd, I do!


1. Partake in physical activity. Daily.
(New yoga mat = yoga everyday? We shall see.)

2. Brush teeth daily.
I know this sounds gross, but I don't brush my teeth twice a day, or even once a day. I won't say how often I do.. only that it has been enough. Up until now. Don't judge me! My teeth aren't gross!

3. Tidy up bedroom weekly. Preferably on Sundays. I spent the best part of Wednesday cleaning my room, and I am still not done, though it looks SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER. I have this problem, where, um.. I let my room become one giant pile of once-worn t-shirts and entirely-useless school papers before I find the time to clean it. No more.

4. Be funnier. Yes, just a few weeks ago, after being equally amused and disheartened by the never-failing humor of both my sister Kelly and Winona of DaddyLikey, I actually googled 'how to be funnier'. This is the one resolution which, upon failing to carry out, I won't be able to hide with lies.

5. Turn that Procrastinator problem into a Doing habit. I need to become more productive. I feel like, if I can do this one thing- all of the others will be that much easier.

What are your resolutions? How did you celebrate last night?

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DT said...

i definitely need to put #1 and #5 into practice for myself. good luck to you!
happy new year