Monday, November 9, 2009


Is it just me, or does blogging hold the magic to make my Mondays better? Because I've certainly been feeling better these Mondays. Ah, and it's good to be back! Let's go over some things I like about the first weekday, shall we?

Things I Like About Monday:

1) A new week, a new beginning I'm a little funny in this way, but I just feel good about any kind of new beginning.

2) Drinking coffee I usually skip coffee on the weekends, since I don't need the caffeine. It's a bit of a treat on Monday to have it again... mmm... so sweet and dark.

3) Accomplishing something As much as I'd love to extend my weekend for days and days, the truth is that I really never accomplish as much during the weekends as I do during the week. And there's something to be said about that feeling of doing actual work.

It's a small list, but it's something. Sorry I'm posting so late on Monday, but I had a late play practice today. :(

Hope you all started out the week well!


Janice said...

yes yes yes!
blogging for the win!
that picture is SO cool
have a great day, heidi!

Katie Marie said...

It's true, Mondays are tough! Your list made me feel a little more optimistic about them, though. Can you make a list about Tuesdays?? Those are actually worse than Mondays... lol. Love you Heidi!

Amy Lauren said...

Agreed with katie... Tuesday are worse than Mondays for me! i'd love a list..

Heidi Rose said...

Oh, you're funny! Hmn, mondays are harder to come up with things for, but next week I'll get one up.