Thursday, June 4, 2009


So Kiwi (my fluffy and loveable bunny) has been really cute lately. I had to change his litter yesterday, which was sort of a pain. But then I hadn't changed it in like a week... and Amy said it was starting to smell. Really bad. (She comes into my room sometimes to borrow clothes). I haven't let him out of his cage either.. but I'm sure he doesn't mind.

Kiwi's Point of View:
So Heidi didn't feed me this morning. Again. I haven't been out of this God forsaken cage in days... Other people have been coming in and out of the room. I've heard them. But they are quick to leave me alone again. So terribly alone. At least the wench finally cleaned my latrene. It was getting so unbearable to be around. I almost lost consciousness the other day... nevermind though. God willing, my current plans for breakout will follow under way smoothly...


Lilly Anne said...

Ah, I love it how Kiwi talks.

And yeah, I guess I shouldn't have used the word 'weird'. You're the spontaneous, outgoing sister that I believe can do anything if you put your mind on it.

Amy Lauren said...

hahhahaha so true!

CloudsWhomCry said...


Silly, Heidi. XD

I wonder what our hamster's point of view would be like if they were still with us. o.O

Heidi Rose said...

Oh I was just messing with you Lilly, but thanks anyway. I knew what you meant. I'm flattered.

Oh and Kelly: Yes, but I'm sure they've been reincarnated so don't worry about them.