Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Dream

The details are foggy. All I really remember is I was at the middle school (Only it was the high school, meaning I was attending senior classes) and I walked into this one classroom where the carpet was oddly slanted and in the center, extremely squishy. As I stepped across, my feet would sink down a foot. It was incredibly difficult to get in and out. Not to mention the teacher was this huge jerk, super arrogant.

There was also a part where I was in Michigan, or maybe the Trapp lake cottage, and I was running away from my family because they were chasing me. I guess I was afraid of something.


Katie Marie said...

My dreams are always foggy. Like, the place is the same as in real life but exaggerated, like the proportions are different or something. It's weird.

Heidi Rose said...

I know. I have the same experience. Walls will be very tall and be less than straight.