Monday, March 22, 2010

For writers and people who think about writers.

As a sort of follow up to my last post, because I love her writing, I went to Elizabeth Gilbert dot com and brought back for you a very good and wheel-turning speech by Ms Gilbert herself to do with writing and creativity and how it works and the way we think about it. If your interest is sparked, excellent, and if it isn't- please watch this anyway. It is only under twenty minutes. Don't skip around. Start at the beginning. Give it a chance- your attention. I can't imagine you'd be sorry.



Amy Lauren said...

This was really interesting :)

Except I was tired so I think I fell asleep at the end of it, I'll have to rewatch that part.

Really liked it tho! :)

Karlette said...

WOW! Fantastic way of looking at creativity!

~ K :o)