Friday, June 5, 2009

When Animals Die

Sorry this is so morbid, but Kelly made me think of this new topic!
Apparently in the Bible it says that animals do not go to heaven. I believe the Bible; I'm not saying that. I just can't accept that all those fluffy, loving, loyal pets just disappear when they die. (When they seemingly have the same life-driving presence in them as we do).


I like to think that animals, when they die are recycled into the next generation - always staying on earth. (Maybe a dog becomes a dog again or a polar bear). Whereas we humans come in and out of this world.


CloudsWhomCry said...

There ARE animals in heaven, but they were put there already and never died to begin with. But apparently animals have no soul. =/

That reminds me, when you said fluffy, loving, loyal pets don't disappear when they die I thought of that Jehovah Witness religion. According to them, if someone is good at heart and they're not a bad person, they're not going to hell just because they don't believe in God.

I like that. It's a nice way to think of things after death. It's not just hell or heaven. It has to do with the goodness of someone's soul now.

Anyway, I didn't find this blog morbid, I found it thoughtful.

Heidi Rose said...

That's good. I didn't think there wouldn't be animals in heaven, just that they don't move between.