Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Go-To List

It's easy for me to become stressed or tense and unhappy, and forgetful of things that make me happy. So, I've decided to make une liste of things which cheer me up and release some of that tension.

  • My best stuffed buddies-Blue and Pancake. I love to cuddle with them, it makes my life seem simple.
  • My bed! Usually just lying down for a little bit relaxes me and makes me feel safe.
  • Doing yoga, it's the only exercise that doesn't feel like exercise and puts my focus on breathing while getting a good stretch.
  • Watching a movie after exercising (it feels like a reward which makes me feel like I did a good job exercising and I'm proud of myself for not rewarding myself with a snack)
  • Spending time with my sisters
  • Baking; it's different from eating (which could be bad) but still indulges my love of food. Plus, I love making tasty food to share with the people I love.


uǝɹnɐl ʎɯɐ said...

Yay, I got you Pancake from Door County! I don't remember why (probs for your birthday) but I'm glad you like him :)

Heidi Rose said...

Yeah, you were away while we were celebrating my 11th birthday in Michigan. My birthday gifts were random things from a little department store (The Simpsons' Loser Takes All game, fuzzy purple slippers, a round container or gum). My cake was a SNICKER'S cake. I came home and Pancake was waiting for me beneath box and wrapping paper on the kitchen table.

Lilly Anne said...

I remember that! Wasn't your birthday in a gazebo?

Heidi Rose said...

Yes it was. And my hair was braided.