Friday, June 19, 2009

Underlying Principles

I believe that from one small observation about a person you can uncover a much greater part of character. At the very core of everyone are a select few ideals which reign over every decision we make. It's something I find difficult to describe...
As an example- I don't like rereading books; even ones I loved the first time around. Not even thinking or saying this to myself ever, I have it etched in my character to avoid repetition. This fact brings about many other choices I consider characteristic to me such as that I don't like repeating myself or hearing other people repeat themselves. And I like to try a new drink every time I go to Perc Place. There are so many little instances where I can connect multiple choices I make to a bigger, deeper principle I hold. Such as avoid smoking anything. I sit in nonsmoking sections when given the choice, I hold my breath if I'm passing a smoker, I avoid being around people that smoke, if I realize one of my friends is a smoker they slowly become less and less my friend unless they stop smoking. At the center of our judgment and reasoning are these guiding principles which we use to decide anything and everything. They're also prioritized. Say your friend lies about having taken something from you without asking. Everyone deserves a different chance is more important in this case than don't waste time on liars.
And in this case, avoid situations in which you could be marked as an idiot is outweighed by share your ideas. That's not to say we're always right... after all, after struggling through the first couple chapters, I am currently enjoying Twilight for the second time. Hope I was right about sharing my opinions though.

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Lilly Anne said...

You alos sound smart in this one, too. Very interesting.