Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Joys of Funerals by Alix Strauss

If this book had a rating, it would be PG-13. For sexual situations and some adult language.

A Novel in Stories. It isn't often I come across one of these, and the stories themselves - all tied together in the last - were something different.

There are 9 stories in this novel, each about a woman who has been affected by a loss, either past or present. Most, if not all, of these women could use help. Yet it is also implied more than once in this page-turner that therapy doesn't really help. What does help? Friends. Connecting with other human beings. This, I feel, is the theme. Of this novel. And of life.

I enjoyed this book. ...because it was different. It stressed the need for human connections, and the need to feel someone understands. This book is very honest, stating things people don't say out loud. The kinds of things that people think only to themselves and even as they wish to share with others, don't.

These are stories I feel anyone could identify with and benefit from. I recommend it to everyone.


Lilly Anne said...

I read the first two chapters a week or so ago, but found it really sad and a little boring, so I just stopped reading it.

Katie Marie said...

Let me borrow it!

Heidi Rose said...

Next time you're down, hey?