Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maxwell Street Day

I am VERY pleased with my purchases today. I bought:
  1. Cute stationary (with fishies and a ducky on it)
  2. Wooden bracelet (nice, my style)
  3. Awesome glass pendant necklace (good deal considering the last cool necklace I splurged on was twice as costly)
  4. Very cute 8-12oz mug in chocolate brown and kelly green
Even though I told myself I would save all my money, I bought things I have been wanting, and don't feel bad. So it was great! We also so Grandma and Grandpa downtown, and they bought us a little bag of cinnamon sugar toasted pecans. We NEED to remember to go visit them at the lake cottage this weekend. Anyway, I don't have much more to say in details... :) I love my family!


Katie Marie said...

If I come home tomorrow we should go to the lake cottage! Deal?

Heidi Rose said...


Kelly Renee said...

Kelly is sad because Kelly was not mentioned in this blog.

Heidi Rose said...

Uh... sorry?