Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

It's days like last yesterday I really wish I had a camera. For the Fourth of July, Rich's family goes to the beach in Sheboygan and watches the fireworks. This was the first time in three weeks Rich has been back home, so I was welcomed to go along. At the beach, the water was freezing cold and Rich dropped me into the water twice. I splashed him and pushed him over into the chilled mid-thigh-deep water and then in a struggle I initiated to knock him over, I ended up falling into the water again. We got out after that because the water was at a temperature that slowed your limbs down drastically and therefore was not safe to be in. When we got back to the sandy spot Rich's family (His Grandma *Sorzee, her daughter Julie, Julie's husband Mark, their three kids, cousins Gino and Shawn, and his mom and step-dad) was taking up, Rich proceeded to bury me alive. I wanted him to do just my legs, like I had done to him earlier, but he managed to pin me down. I finally managed to escape his evil plot when he accidentally got sand in my mouth, distracting him long enough for my other limbs to wiggle their way free. I was coated in sand in a way very much like a cinnamon sugared graham cracker would be coated.
After that, we laid down our heads on my towel and relaxed while the sun came out a little more. When we did get back up, we put shoes and clothes back on to walk up to the lighthouse. We sat and talked a little about the boats and that mysterious building off in the fog before Rich's family joined us at the lighthouse (I guess they ran out of things to do, too) and we all walked back together. On the walk back along the strip through the water, we saw some duckies that were super cute! Me: "Look, seven babies and a mommy! It's just like my family!" Rich: "Where's the Daddy?" Me: "He's at work." Rich: "Oh yeah, it is like your family, the mommy is trying to take the food away from that little one." (One of the babies caught a little silver fish) We walked a little further and sure enough, on the side opposite the family of ducks was a daddy duck splashing in the water-"working". It was funny.
We braved the water again before we ate dinner. As agreed, there was no more splashing or pushing. So we slow danced in knee deep water. When he went to spin me, I splashed through the water clumsily and thudded back into him. The second time was much smoother.
For dinner, Chris made tender and meaty brisket. And for dessert Rich's mom made 'Berry Tiramasu'; delicious, fluffy shortcake with raspberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. I want more just thinking of it.
We played with some little explosives Rich brought called 'snaps'. You take one between your thumb and finger and make like you're snapping and it explodes with a little fiery pop. Rich and I pooled our money together so I could get a $10 light-up sword-slash-light saber for $9. My souvenir from my first holiday with Rich (besides Valentine's Day).
The fireworks took place on the end of the beach and towards the end, it was so smoky from the explosions and all the fire's people had set up that you could only hear the fireworks. But it was okay. I can remember watching fireworks in Hartford in years past wondering when I would be able to watch them with a boyfriend, and so it was really great as that goes.
Well, there was no string cheese, or cheese curds. Or cupcakes with white frosting and blue and red sprinkles. But I didn't even miss those things, and it was the best way to spend the day with Rich before he went back to camp. So, all in all,
great day.


uǝɹnɐl ʎɯɐ said...

that's sad about the mommy taking food away from the little ducky and how it reminded you 2 about our family!

Katie Marie said...

Agreed; Max always thinks its weird that Daddy is never around... whereas I kinda think it's weird when he is.

Heidi Rose said...

Rich said I was the ducky with the food. I think it really stood for how the mommy is always picking on me.

Yeah. Daddy's getting better though. He's interacting with us more when he is around. And I'm giving him haircuts once in a while.