Thursday, July 30, 2009

iPod troubles

Let me just put it out there that I wish there was some way for me to put all the songs I like onto my little ipod. Reaching for my ipod while I'm at the computer, more often then not, I set it back down and decide to go to my playlists on; which is really unfortunate, because my little ipod is consequently dealing with issues of abandonment and inferiority.

"It's not you little ipod, it's your songs."


Katie Marie said...

Why can't you transfer songs fron Itunes? I think there's a free download. All you need is the apple cord!

uǝɹnɐl ʎɯɐ said...

There is iTunes on kt's computer. what I do is set a microphone by the speakers and record my favorite songs onto the computer. it's not the best audio quality but it works :)