Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting To Know You (Think The King and I)

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This has very little to do with the picture, except that I like bunnies. See? You just learned (or re-learned) something about me. Take a moment to fill in the below...
Feeling: Subtlely motivated to live better. not enthusiastic for school to start, but extremely enthused to graduate from high school.
Loving: My boyfriend, and having him back from his job. Also loving the last bits of being able to do whatever I want (otherwise known as 'summer').
Reading: Updates from blogs I follow.
Wanting: Food. To not have Mrs K for a teacher for another WHOLE YEAR.
Dreaming: Of my birthday (fingers crossed that I will finally get a decent cell phone of my own)
Having: a shower. After eating something. I look like I got dressed in the dark, and my hair is dirty.
Waiting: for fun.
What about you?


DT said...

You know that already :o)

Amy Lauren said...

What do u mean you won't have Mrs K for a year?

Heidi Rose said...

I mean I'm WANTING not to have her as a teacher for another whole year.