Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If We Were a Family of Muppets

Danny would be a mix between Beaker and Swedish Chef.

Amy would be something like Fozzie Bear... but with a little bit of Animal.

Lilly would be Bean.

I can only assume Kelly would be Rizzo the rat. I think he's funny.

I think Katie would be Zoe.

Davey could only be the Count I think... you know. He works with Math and stuff...

On second thought, he's probably more like Waldorf and Statler...

Moma is pretty girly, so I think she would be Miss Piggy.

Daddy is a bit like Cookie Monster. Except more of an Everything for a Deal Monster.

That's all for now!


Amy Lauren said...

OMG HEIDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is soo true, I laughed so hard!!!!!!!

I can definitely see myself as Fozzie/Animal, since sometimes I'm sweet & sometimes & wild! Haha!

Btw you didn't put which one you would be?

Kelly Renee said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Awesome.

But I agree with Amy; who would you be?

Heidi Rose said...

The Great Gonzo is my favorite. He and his hens. I didn't think I'd be able to properly judge who I'm most like.

Katie Marie said...

I love this!

Lilly Anne said...

Haha this is awesome I love it!

eskay said...

this is very funny.
thankyou for visiting my blog.

Kimberlee said...

oh I loved the muppets as a kid - Jim Henson was a genius. great post x