Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post Secret

I love that feeling when I am grasping at my knowledge to understand something...
...and then I understand.
I enjoy looking at the French section of Post Secret. Real people are helping me learn a language, and I feel like that is not matched by anything I learn in a classroom.
Hope you like this.


DT said...

Hey heidi.. how u doin?
I am in GMT +5:30. What about you?
I guess we are all in different time zones, when I wake up I find so much to read ready for me :o)

Heidi Rose said...

I'm doing good. I guess I am GMT -5. So.. right now I have 11:48am and you have 10:18pm? That sounds about right. No wonder you posted while I was sleeping! Maybe I will have to ask everyone else as well.