Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trying New Things

[Today I decided to try some new things, and do some good deeds in the process.]
First, I offered to do Lilly's hair. (good deed!-usually she has to ask me to)
And then I looked up how to do a fish bone braid, which I have NEVER DONE BEFORE. And it really is more difficult/takes more time than a normal braid.

I was very pleased with the result:

Lilly willingly modeled her lovely locks for me.

She's so beautiful. :)

And then, being inspired by this post over at yes and yes, decided to give myself a fancy manicure.

...which also gave me incredibly beautiful results. (Lilly joined me and did her toe-sies)
What I probably don't need to say (but here it comes regardless) is that doing something different gave my day some spark. It feels so good to get out of the usual. So here it is:

Try something new. It is so worth it.


Nath said...

not long time ago i also tried out this braid, it is so lovely, i adore it, but i don`t think that it is more difficult, maybe it takes just a bit more time and accuracy! :) you did a great job, the braid looks perfect! :)

Lilly Anne said...

This was lots of fun!

Amy Lauren said...

AWWW :) cute!

Katie Marie said...

I like the picture of you hiding behind your nails. It's adorable! And I love Lilly's hair too.

Lilly Anne said...

Why thank you ;)

Heidi Rose said...

Yeah Katie, I had to include that one. I tried to get another one that showed my nails more clearly though. :) Kelly's camera is a bit lacking in clarity.

Nath, what I really meant was that it would be harder to do on myself. And it was, especially as I got down to the bottom. :)