Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Off School

So, I woke up this morning and my ankle had swelled a little balloon inside it.
I could barely hobble to the staircase to tell my mom what happened last night (I was hoping it would get better, and I could skip the, "That's why you shouldn't go jogging in the evening" all together).
And I'm thinking this is (fortunately, and unfortunately) my worst injury ever. I have never broken any bones, and apart for some spurts of pain in my back earned from trampolines (which I avoid like the plague now), I've never been limited in movement like this before. Don't worry though, I can walk around a bit now and was even able to take a shower! Oh yeeaahhh!!

Well, I can't exactly go to school and walk back and forth to all my classes in my current state so today's agenda entails coffee, the internet, and sitting. :)


Amy Lauren said...

Poor Heidi! I remember when I twisted my ankle when I went down the stairs wrong at KT's apartment! Just milk it and then Kelly will feel bad for you and offer you piggy-back rides around the house ;) ;)

DT said...

aaaaahhh.. i can completely understand how it feels... have gone through the same TWICE! :( wish u a speedy recovery..
and i read veronika decides to die , secrets and lies, and the deception point!