Saturday, September 5, 2009

Inspire Yourself

So, now that I've gotten my new computer up and running, I've been spending lots of time having fun with this new toy. My little Farmville person plants and plows so much more efficiently! Ehem. Uh, anyway... most of today has been dedicated to the composing of my inspiration board. That is, to get those creative sparks firing. This will especially help me with ideas for my art class. It was so much fun, I'm hoping you will each make your own. To save money on printing pictures, I just collaged different pictures together in Paint, and set the masterpiece as my desktop wallpaper. If you want, you can take pictures from magazines or photos of friends and put them together on your wall. Good luck!

^Here's mine. Click for larger view.
(pictures from and


Amy Lauren said...

Love it! My favorites are the lady sitting outside in Paris, the swirly one & the colorful street one. :)

Lilly Anne said... that Johnny Depp?

Haha. That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea! I don't think Moma would like us cutting up all of her magazines, though...

DT said...

hey nice one lady!

Katie Frank said...

I love c collages, my room is full of them

Love this one!