Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Little About School

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Well, my art class (AP Art Studio) is going to be tough. And why? Because I will have to produce 1 piece of artwork every 10 days. This poses a challenge since I am an EXTREMELY slow working/meticulous artist. I take my time in most things, and especially this. So... a little worried here.
I may share pictures of my artwork, as I make it. That is, as long as you guys behave yourselves. No late night partying (Kelly), or excessive drinking (Lilly). Group dance-offs are still okay (Amy). So- you know -just keep your own posting regular and once in a while you'll be treated to some personal artwork. Maybe I could inspire you guys too, no?


Amy Lauren said...

YAY GROUP DANCE OFFS!!!! :) hehe, thank you for not depriving me!

can't wait to see your artwork!

steffie.xo said...

I'm taking art in school as well and I too am not a speedy artist. It's not my fault if I want to take my time to make sure the artwork is good. Art can not be rushed. My teacher disagrees.

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Heidi Rose said...

"You can't rush art." -Old Man in Toy Story 2

Hey, it's true, isn't it?

Lilly Anne said...

Oh okay.

Lauren said...

I'm rather intrigued on the differences between UK & US education, like, aren't you still in high school until you're 18? And then you go to university?
Whereas we leave secondary school when we're 16 and go on to college, which is we're I'm headed next! Then it's off to uni when I'm 18.
It'd be lovely for you to clear this confusion up for me, and double lovely to see your art work!
Hope school is going well for you, Lauren xx