Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank the Lord it's Friday!

Caramel Coffee with Chocolate Whipped Cream is a good way to arm yourself against homework-induced brain malfunction (otherwise known as HIBM)

I am SO HAPPY IT IS FRIDAY! For those of you who weren't filled in, I spent the better part of this week stressing about my Irish Drama paper and art homework being due on Friday. And EVEN THOUGH I started both assignments multiple days beforehand, I was still crunched for time. Last night was (hence the above picture) devoted to writing the final draft of my paper. And needless to say, the picture I ended up turning in to my art teacher was not the piece I had originally been working on. Friday afternoon means: no more ridiculous homework to obsess over, party on my computer, doling out hugs, happy-dancing with Lilly, and above all much more smiling. Plus I have a new awesome black leather sketchpad for my Honors Creative Writing class. High fives? Oh yeah!

If you haven't already, check out my Friday post over at INSPIRATION BUDDY! and enjoy your weekend!

*Special thanks to Amy, who motivated me to start, and helped me to finish, my intimidating paper.
I love you, Amy!


Katie Marie said...


Heidi Rose said...

Okay, so first I brewed coffee like normal, then added some 2% milk until it was a lighter brown. Then I added ~2 TBS of Torini Suger-Free Caramel flavoring syrup. Add a little extra sugar and some Chocolate Reddi Whip, and voila! Delicious.

Amy Lauren said...

Yay Heidi! I'm glad I got to help, sorry I couldn't finish proofreading for you, but I'm sure it turned out fine :)

that coffee looks delicious... unlike the bland junk I make myself here...

Katie Marie said...

That sounds SO good. Toreni syrups are truly the best!