Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pictures I Am Dazzled By

Let's disregard the greatness of simplicity and good use of space for a moment, while I share with you all of the pictures I loved today, most of which are unrelated and all of which I adore and felt compelled to include. Consider this my apology if your skull cracks from the pressure of processing all of this awesomeness.

^This is so awesomely awkward and I LOVE IT.
I CANNOT wait to watch this scene of AWKWARDNESS in the upcoming NEW MOON.

^If I could draw like this, really. Oh.. oo... I can't keep looking at it, I am so embarrassed of my own work...

I've recently developed a solid love for Lady Gaga's music. And the music videos.
Be warned: my next playlist will most likely be dominated by her.

^If I ever got a permanent marking on my body, really.
(Translation - I think: no sky, no earth, but still snowflakes fall)
By the way, I'm teaching myself to read braille. :)

^I just love how cute this girl looks, taking pictures.

^Really, caramel apples are tasty enough to satisfy, but these decadent beauties? DELICIOUS!
If you told one of these babies that they, "satisfied you," you would be in serious trouble, man.
Enjoy that apple-sized bruise to the face.

^For some reason, I just could not pass this one by. There are very few colors, and they are used well and boldly. Love the field of red.

^Oh how I wish I could pull of that messy and beautiful look.
Must. Keep. Trying. Totally. Worth it.

^Here we go with a little love for the seasons. I love the coolness of this first one.

^And does anyone else like that autumn primarily consists of warm colors even though it's getting colder? Nature loves balance.

Parks are great. But only because of these benches.
Just kidding. But really, aren't they neat?

I am extremely proud that the little known disease of becoming airborne while one sleeps is finally getting some acknowledgment. We need to spread the knowledge, to help find a cure!

^And this one is just charming.

Hope you like.
Have a great day/night/life


Lilly Anne said...

As they say...


lushlee said...

I love your picks! Fresh and full of love!

Amy Lauren said...

That's an interesting point about the warm colors even tho it's getting colder! Nature DOES love balance. And I love nature! So therefore, I love balance. what?

alissa said...

woohooo for lady gaga. shes kind of amazing.
also amazing is that braille thing! crazy - and a beautiful saying

Katie Marie said...

I am super concerned about that girl flying off of her bed while she sleeps. IS THIS FOR REAL!!?!?

Besides that, great picture collection... I love how all of these are unique and lovely in their own way.

Rhianne said...

I love the photo of the girl taking a picture! Great picks :)