Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Weekend

Okay, so I've finally changed the playlist, and turned the autoplay off, and I'm liking it. I hope you like it too. Friday and Saturday were pretty busy what with chilling with Katie and Amy and our new kitty, Lola (pictured lovably above).

Basically I've been having fun reading things from these two sites, fmylife and TXTS FRM LST NGHT. I've decided to give some examples, because every thing I think is awesome must be shared with other people:


"(646): So how was awkward coffee with forgets-your-name?"

"(972): Just saw a group of asian tourists in safari outifts bow in thanks to the starbucks guys. And no Im not high."

"(415): Yeudjkisdjxbfceryuj. i love having a qwerty keyboard just so i can do that."

"(347): I'm praying to Jesus, Allah, Buddah,and the whole gang tonight that I'm not pregnant"

from FMyLife:

[Today, I told a lady that came into my clothing store that I thought her abstract looking necklace was pretty. She responded, "Oh... Thats actually a pipe that goes into my lung." FML]

[Today, I took my girlfriend to the fair so I could propose. We finally got to the top of the ferris wheel, and I popped the question. She said no. The ferris wheel broke down. Most awkward hour of my life. FML]

[Today, I went outside to enjoy the cool air without my glasses. I saw my neighbor doing the same, so I waved and said hi. When she didn't respond, I yelled and went back inside. It was only later when I went back out with my glasses on that I realized I was being ignored by a Halloween decoration. FML]


Nath said...

what a lovable kitten! :)

Katie Marie said...

haha! those sites are great.

alissa said...

that txt from last night is hilarious - always good for a few giggles. ive also been loving that makes fun of some of the homemade items people attempt to sell on etsy

Amy Lauren said...

aw, Lola, she really loves that puzzle.