Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week's End

*My wish for you is a fulfilling Saturday, and a hopeful new week.

I recently acquired some creamy almond milk, and was delighted to try it in my tea yesterday.
Chamomile tea bag, with cinnamon and vanilla flavoring. I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for brands of tea you like or how you like your tea prepared.

The best advice I received this week:
Eat things that will make you feel good afterwards
(courtesy of Eternal Voyageur)
Do things with purpose
(enforced by Amy)


Amy Lauren said...

damn right I "enforce" that! haha! silly.

I love your new playlist! :) (better than the choir one-no offense, it just reminded me too much of the terrible choir drama and a certain annoying director...)

I don't put anything extra in my tea, but I usually let it steep extra long. Sometimes I like to add lots of ice to it too and drink it cold :)

alissa said...

mmm almond milk in tea sounds great!

My favorite is peppermint tea. Hot or cold - with just a little milk and sugar. yum yum yum

Lilly Anne said...


lushlee said...

I've got to try almond milk. Sounds delicious.

Love that picture, esp the heart shaped cross-section of the cinnamon stick!

My Owl Barn said...

I prepare my tea with some cardamom. I love the aroma and it's beyond delicious :)

Katie Marie said...

The sweetest tea I've had is vanilla rooibus by TAZO. Steep it with hot milk (for best taste use 2% or whole) and add some honey = DELICIOUS.

Almond milk sounds good too.

thislovelycity said...

Love this list! You somehow seem to have the right advice at the right time. Several things I've read ring true with me at the moment! I am enjoying looking through your blogs & reading your inspiring quotes and advice.

xo, Erin @ThisLovelyCity