Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Something Excellent About Today

My school is currently selling, through various students, these delicious chocolate bars.
(seriously, these babies are delicious)
Yesterday, I saw that the girl who sits next to me in French, let's call her Amanda (because that's her name), had in her box a MOCHA FLAVORED SEROOGY'S BAR.
I told myself that I must have this bar. MUST.
Alas! No money!
I told Amanda that if she saved that particular chocolate bar for me, I would have $1.50 for her the next day (today).
I have experience with people not following through with these kinds of deals,
so I was happily surprised that she managed to save me one,
and I managed to get some money,
and now I have a chocolate bar which I am waiting for a prefect moment to eat...

As a side note, I am having a hard time finding room to write quality posts, since I have long musical rehearsals all this week, before opening weekend (the week affectionately titled Hell Week, actually). So, I'm pretty busy! Just wanted to let you know, so that you aren't rolling your eyes if I miss a post or do a one-picture-no-words post.

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