Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I Like About Tuesday! (And an Award)

Last Week, When I made a short list of things I like about Monday, Katie and Amy suggested I do one for Tuesday, so here it is:
Things I Like About Tuesday!

1. I'm back in the groove.
I've again accepted (however little I like it) that another week has started (because on Sunday, who knows? Work/school could still be canceled on the next day...). But Tuesday? Fuggedaboudit. At least Monday is over, and you're back in that groove of working and learning. Weekend grogginess, I'll see you later!

2. Less complaining from everyone. Weekend-hype has worn off, and Monday was used to get over it. Now it's Tuesday, and people have stopped moaning over getting back to work. Plus, there's no way anyone can get away with saying to you, "Somebody's got a case of the Mondays..."

3. I'm that much closer to Friday. On Monday, you know it's all like, "It's only the beginning! NOOOOOOO!!!" Slow suffering, and all that. But on Tuesday, you know that time has not stopped- and oh yeah, you're already 20% closer to the next weekend.

This award is from Marcela. :)
She's a real sweetheart, and her blog, The Joy of Enjoying, is a favorite of mine.
Thank you!

This award must be sent out to 15 other lovely bloggers.
-Rhianne For being adorable, and one of the most caring bloggers there is!
-Alyssa For being confident and cool
-Emerson For her beautiful photography
-DT For being thoughtful and sweet
-Jamie For being a good friend- the kind I'd like to have
-Athena For being a dreamer, in an often discouraging world
-Chelsea For being optimistic
-Nicole For being a complete sweetheart (check out her idea for christmas cards)
-Michelle For being inspirational and kind
-Lilly For cuteness and happiness
-ThisLovelyCity For her sweet comments and giving me new things to love
-Teddy and Lu For having an adorable couple's blog
-Ange For the lovely simplicity of her posts
-Sarah Von For being clever and inventive on a regular basis
-Fallon For making her own fairytale


DT said...

Thank you so much Heidi...

Athena. said...

thankyou lovely one!
:) :)

The Girl in the Orange Background said...

I totally feel that 20% on Tuesdays! On Mondays I do ok; Sunday night is when I'm like "oh nooo"
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog today, and for introducing me in this post. HugsHugsHugs!! I love meeting people like you in this little world :)

Katie Marie said...

Aww, I like this one. Thanks, Heidi!

Michelle said...

Thanks lovey!!!

Sarah Von said...

Thanks so much, cutie!

thislovelycity said...

I love your list!! Maybe Tuesdays aren't so bad! Thank you for the award... You are the greatest!!


nicole addison said...

thanks you sweetheart! aw:) you just made me smile so big!

lushlee said...

aww ... you make my day! thank you so much heidi! i love how you describe my humble blog!

Rhianne said...

Thank you so much Heidi for including me in this list of great blogs, I'm so excited! And yeay for being closer to the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so so much dear! I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, but I'm working on catching up on things so I can catch up on your life!! :)

alissa said...

so sweet! thank you my dear