Monday, December 7, 2009

Just a Little Post

Doesn't this look so delicious? I love shrimp... especially in pasta. I AM having alfredo pasta for dinner, but with shell noodles and ground beef instead. :)
I am totally craving warm food lately. Cold salad and apples just won't do! (Even though I know it's healthier than mini corn dogs..) The best gift I could get lately is something warm. Do you agree? My perfect winter day is one involving a hot cup of creamy coffee, a very warm shower, and warm food. Sometimes I think I would make a good bear- stocking up for winter, you know.

ANYWAY! Secret Santa gift is under way... Most excellent.
Do you do Secret Santa?
Do you know what you're giving your recipient?


Lilly Anne said...

Yum, that does look really good...Lately I really just want to eat warm foods, because it's so cold out.

DT said...

i totally agree with you right now... Nothing's like having a cup of hot coffee and warm food in winters

S and O said...

that does look really tasty and really warm:)
I love shrimp with alfredo too!

you were asking if there was a difference between ginger snap cookies and gingerbread men (which is really ironic because I'm getting ready to post a gingerbread recipe in a couple of days!), and the answer is yes.
It's difference slight but gingersnaps are spicier and crunchier, that's about it;)

What's secret Santa??? sounds interesting and fun:)


p.s. and thanks for stopping by my blog:D

Amy Lauren said...

secret santa MWAHAHAHHAHAA

lushlee said...

Shrimp pasta is one of my favorites too! And yes, nothing like warm beverage and warm food on a cold winter.