Monday, December 28, 2009

A Sweet Award

I'm back!

Thanks go to Marcela for this tasty-looking honor.
This one comes with ten happy things.
Enjoy this and your week! :)


1] Things keep getting better. I'm more inspired, more confident, and I'm happier as time goes on. :D

2] Pan Pizza and sharing it with pals

3] The best medicine is free.
4] I have somewhere cozy to sleep at night.

5] A New Year is on its way!

6] There is more good in the world than bad.

7] Winter is the best season for snuggling.

8] Somebody loves me. Somebody loves everybody.

9] There will always be new things to learn.

10] Anyone, at any time, can be happy. If they want. :)

Today I am thankful for iTunes, Mix CDs (finding an old one and listening to it is like opening a chest of buried treasure), instant coffee grounds (made Amy a cup to get her out of bed), Irish Breakfast Tea, and the gift of Christmas cookies.


Michelle said...

This is such a cute post!!!

thislovelycity said...

Love this list!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!! Happy New Year xo.

Amy Lauren said...

Thanks for the coffee!

The Girl with the Rudolph Nose said...

loved the post. Glad you liked the award :)