Monday, January 18, 2010

'Chatting Over Cupcakes' or 'I Love My Life!'

After a stressful last week of writing a bunch of poems, skipping school to do homework I procrastinated on, writing a paper just in time to turn it in by its midnight deadline, and leaving town for a music convention, a few little happenings of both kindness and chance had me thinking, "I love my life!"

First, I needed a little money to take with me on that 24-hour trip music convention excursion, and my mom took care of it by dropping off an envelope for me during the school day. An envelope with not only the $5 I would need to pay for dinner, but $35(!) to cover any extra things I wanted, plus two women's magazines to read on the long bus ride. I love my mom.

Second, that DaddyLikey giveaway? I didn't win. But I DID have a $15 Barnes&Noble gift card from Christmas. Picking out a slightly used copy on, I was able to pay for the book and shipping- It came in a week, and I LOVE IT. So far. (Official review to come later)

Third, by mostly luck, I was able to get all of that procrastination-victimized homework in on time and get my college application together AND finish a painting I have been avoiding work on for months. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now with a new semester starting, I am determined to turn over a new leaf, and kick my putting-off-habit's butt.

Fourth, and finally, I won something. A beautiful something. I WON it. A lovely, travel-inspired necklace from the delightful Etsy shop, Enroute, through the blog Yes and Yes. Please stop by this shop; even window shopping is a joy- the jewelry is truly unique and fantastic.

I won this?! Wow!

My weekend was, post-paper writing frenzy, very enjoyable. I tasted a new (for me) and delectable coffee drink called White Zombie (with Hazelnut flavoring) I sense a blissful week ahead; one of not procrastinating, rocking my semester exams, and seeing Sherlock Holmes at long last!

How was your weekend? What's on the agenda for the week ahead?

(Sorry I've been forgetting to include this lately!) Today I am thankful for Closet Confidential, family games, blog giveaways, coffee, having my older sisters around, and love-my-life moments.


The Girl In The Frame said...

That's an awesome ending to a somewhat-stressful week!
Lucky you won the necklace :)
I almost never win anything! But I did win some cute earrings at Teacups in Peony. Glad you had all those lovely things happen to you!

Lilly Anne said...


Katie Marie said...

Good job on all your accomplishments this week Heidi! I wish I could've seen your convention. Let me know when your next Concert Choir concert is.

Also, I like having my little sisters around! Thanks for the AMAZING calander!

Katie Marie said...

P.S. That cupcake looks delicious!

Rhianne said...

I love this post :) Congrats on winning the necklace, its pretty :) x

This Lovely City said...

How sweet of your mom :] And congrats! The necklace you won is lovely!!

Amy Lauren said...