Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine's Day!

sugar cookies (made by Lilly) :)

Valentines (made by Kelly)

My valentine for Kelly

Wrapping up those pearls for Katie

Kelly: "I realized why there are lumps in your pie- it's the nuts."
Me: "But I didn't put nuts in the pie."

I know it sounds really funny slash revolting, but the pie actually tasted good, and the "lumps" were just clumps that didn't get smoothed out. Which is all fine, but still- next time, new recipe.

Valentine gift from Rich's mom

Oh, and those pajama pants? A gift from my mom. :)
I love people!
How was your Valentine's Day?
Today I am thankful for chocolate, sweet thoughts, hugs, my family, and my boyfriend. Not to mention getting out of school on a Monday. Sweet relief every time.


The Girl In The Frame said...

haha that dialogue made me laugh :P
I can imagine your face while saying "but I didn't put nuts..." :s
And what neat presents and cards! Glad your Valentines Day was awesome :)

Kelly Renee said...

You're so silly, Heidi. Happy Two Days After Valentine's Day. <3

Katie Marie said...

Awww. Cute post. I love the pearls!!! And also- you didn't have school on Monday? So lucky.

Heidi Rose said...

Actually, you should be talking to Lilly. Apparently, only middle schoolers are allowed to celebrate the day of Presidents.

Amy Lauren said...

aww :) what a happy post! so nice.