Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow - Slash Wake Up Late Eat Waffles and Watch Movies - Day

photo source

And they're talking about a delay tomorrow. :)
We're thinking of making homemade valentines tomorrow, if there is.
What about you guys? What will you be doing to spread the love?
Today I am thankful for snow, school cancellations, old/good movies, and the fact the we have a VHS player.


Lilly Anne said...


I hope we have a delay tomorrow...that would be cool.

Katie Marie said...

YOU ARE SO LUCKY. I keep hoping for a blizzard, I want to sleep in for once!

Amy Lauren said...

I love saying "Slash"

This Lovely City said...

Such a cute photo! I want a snow day!!

If you make the homemade Valentines, I hope you post about them! xo