Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Education: a review

In whole: After watching this movie, Kelly, Lilly, and I felt depressed about life. In a good way.

In detail: I would say you can fill up on the specifics here, but since I know for a fact that some of you are not friends to links, I'll still share my account. The story takes place in England, 1961. Jenny is the top notch student, working hard in school and the community for a chance at a future she doesn't completely understand why she wants. She just takes it for granted that it is what she wants, and once she gets there, she can live the life she really wants: going to Paris, and watching good films, and talking to smart and interesting people. But everything changes when she meets David... and he shows her the side of life that she's been missing.

Of course, after reading that this is the movie that really should have won picture of the year, I was sure I wanted to see it- just not sure I'd like it. Or whether or not Kelly and Lilly would like it. "It's a Drama," I told them. As though I were warning them not to expect too much. We're more comedy people. Plus I'm so nice about things that even if I HATED something, I would have tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, saying it was interesting and that I appreciated it. And yes, it was wonderfully done, this movie. As Kelly put it: it was quality. No shots and effects flashing around like, 'look! this is such a great movie!' The acting was spot on, and there are some fresh faces, which I know WE MOVIE-LOVERS thoroughly enjoy.

It's not a fairy tale. It makes you think about your own life. And... I like that. You should too.

In conclusion: Go see it. It's great.


Kelly Renée said...

*thumbs up* I liked the movie. Didn't expect that. After all, it was a "depressing" movie.

Brigitte said...

I've heard a lot of great things about this movie and I've added it to my list.
Also, Carry Mulligan is a doll!


Lilly Anne said...

It was pretty good . I liked the time period it was in, and Jenny was very fashionable. Heidi, I know where that guy is from! He's the dad in The Orphan!

Michelle said...

This sounds great! I'll definitely check it out.

Rhianne said...

the more I read about it this film the more I really want to see it :)

Belen said...

sigh, i still need to go see this!