Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is here!!

original photo of my first summer accomplishment

[Summer Project #1] "Get Fit" Propaganda Board for Katie: DONE

At long last, I am back to blogging, and working with a new layout. Huhzah!
And if Katie is out there, reading this, I want her to know that the board pictured above is ready for her to pick up and I hope she likes it and finds it inspiring (because that was the primary goal).
Also, my return to this blog means that I AM DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL. Most likely forever (unless I become a teacher, and I'm not one to say 'never')! *hypothetical high five* But now I am faced with ONE (main) question: What's next? The answer one would suppose is... summer fun (and then college). :) I just hope this summer is not too hot.


Katie Marie said...

YES! THANK YOU! As soon as I saw the picture I thought, "Man, I hope Heidi gives that to me..." Ha ha. Anywho... You and I are in a similar spot! You go to college, and I suppose I'll find a job. :p

Kelly Renée said...

And I'm really digging the new page layout! Maybe it's time for some change on my end also...

Amy Lauren said...

very nice!