Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day and The Te of Piglet

original photo of the book that's had the librarians giving me the stink eye ever since it's been overdue (a couple of weeks)
A couple weeks ago, the book pictured above was due back to the public library. Alas, I could not return it because I had lost it, and after multiple ill-fated searches, I became half-convinced I would never find it. It was finally, today, after I had given up my active search that I found The Te of Piglet comfortably face-planted under my headboard (next to my cell phone, which is what I had really been looking for). I was very happy, and decided what-the-heck that I would pick up reading where my bookmark marked. And long story short, I'm very glad I did. This is just to say that I really think you would like this book, no matter who you are, because it is just That sort of book.

original photo of a firework exploding in my hometown
On an unrelated note, I'd like to add that I hope everyone had a nice Independence Day.

Lilly and I
I sure did, since I spent it with my family and Lilly and I commenced in an awesome game of naming chapters in the Harry Potter series off the top of our heads.
"The Deathly Hallows" "Snape's Revenge" "Snape's Revenge?! HAHAHA You mean the Flight of the Prince?" "HAHA Oh yeah."
"The Burrow!" "The Marauder's Map." "Nicholas Flamel" "The Chamber of Secrets" "Behind the Veil" "Oh, good one."

And speaking of Harry Potter, I made a batch of butterbeer for the first time. I liked it, though it was a little too un-genuine (I doubt Mme Rosmerta used muggle cream soda in her recipe). I will be looking for other recipes, but it was a nice trial. :)

original photo of some random muggle's version of butterbeer


Heidi Rose said...


*Heidi walks into library*
Librarian: *stops what they're doing* Have you returned The Te of Piglet yet?
Heidi: No..
*Librarian gives Heidi stink eye*


Amy Lauren said...

is there really butter in those drinks...?

Katie Marie said...

I always imagined butter beer being this delicious warm comforting beverage that's similar to a pumpkin latte- except more delicious of course, thick with warm melted butter and foam on top. Omg, now I want one.

Heidi Rose said...

Katie: I pictured it the same way, Katie. The thing is that now I will always be on a quest to make this drink the way it ought to be. Not with cream soda.

Amy: Yes, there is butter, rum extract, brown sugar, cream soda, water, heavy whipping cream, and a little salt in these drinks.

It's basically a thick, caramel sauce with cream soda added on top. It wasn't the right consistency and it was too sweet. :(