Wednesday, August 4, 2010

While Kelly is away, Heidi and Lilly will play...**

Inspired by this article on Office Snack Gourmet, I decided that what I've long been looking at in my kitchen as a bunch of random food stuffs (none of which I would eat alone) can be combined together to make something wonderful AND edible! I just needed to use my brain!

SO! Take three packets of ramen... a bottle of ketchup... a can of condensed mushroom soup... a bag a frozen brocolli... some blue Hawaiian Punch... a little salt, and a lot of water...

Oh, and let's not forget Heidi and Lilly... and you get: a feast!

"To creativity: the founder of the feast!"

*This is also a prime example of why you should always grab extra chopsticks whenever you go out to a noodle/chinese restaurant. No clean utensils, no problem!
**and it just so happens that I would have made extra, but Kelly was already at her friend's house when I started cooking. Another fun time that she's missed.

Dear Kelly: if you want to have fun with me, come over to me and suggest things. You need to insist on being included- I would love to have more pictures of you on my blog! Love, Heidi


Lilly Anne said...

Excellent! Love the last picture, and it especially makes this better in the fact that I'm also listening to French music.

Katie Marie said...

"The founder of the feast, indeed!!" (Muppets' Christmas Carol, anyone??)

Heidi Rose said...

Lilly: I know! :D Fantastic.
Katie: lol, exactly.

Kelly Renée said...

What is the website URL that you found the article on?

Heidi Rose said...

All the links on my blog are hidden, until you run your mouse over them. I linked to the page somewhere in this post... perhaps where it says 'this article'.