Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Since-due to complications with equipment-I could not load pictures of the real thing, I found a very nice substitute. I have recently discovered the secret to making a mocha: Homemade chocolate syrup. Of course, what I just made for Amy and I is not fancy with whipped cream or some shredded chocolate bits to top, but still yummy. My experimentation probably ends here though because I can't steam milk and I have no other resources (i.e. whipped cream, various flavored syrups). Ah well.


Katie Marie said...

Oooo, you can buy Toreni flavored syrups at walmart.

They also sell home espresso machines which have a steam-wand... probably expensive but check St. Vincent.

I can teach you! hehe

Heidi Rose said...

Really? When can I come to see you?!?!

Heidi Rose said...

You know, I think the whipped cream is what I miss the most. :(