Friday, July 17, 2009

The Rundown

It's been roughly a week since my last post, but I can't complain, because not being able to post means doing things, and if I didn't do things I would have nothing to post about anyway. So.. much reading has been done, but another review is still a couple days away since I was reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for a second time [a refresher before going to see the movie with Rich tomorrow] - most of said reading having been done in the wee hours of the morning before collapsing and sleeping while the sun got up and traveled further than half way across the sky.
Apart from that (and making up a generous slice of my Week Pie) I was super-cleaning my room. To fill you in, for most of the summer my room had [before I cleaned it] been invaded by massive amounts of clean laundry, courtesy of the mother ship who had decided to put the newly clean clothes of three daughters into the bedroom of one. Needless to say, if my couch could talk, it would have kept me up all night with its complaining about being buried. By the end of my first cleaning day, I had not been able to finish folding and sorting through all the clothing. I vacuumed, wiped clean the lower walls (trust me, they needed it), rearranged some furniture, and organized my closet. I must say, through all the times I have rearranged my room, this is the best it has ever looked. Kiwi's cage is more accessible, the right side of the closet is accessible (not that you would want to access it), and I've been sleeping better with my bed up against the windows.
I've also started a new painting and a new writing project. (neither of which may I finish since I have AP Lit homework and a Kelly's contest to submit to, but here's hoping)
Thank you again to Katie and Amy for bringing me a 12oz. Dazzleberry Latte yesterday, because even though I paid for it and the lid was cracked, I appreciated it a lot.

P.S. Please don't see The Proposal without me... I was super sad yesterday when I thought you had left to see it while I was trapped in the house with that tall kid.

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